CATUR Coffee x Bumiterra

Collaborating with Bumiterra, CATUR Coffee Pledges Carbon Neutrality by 2030

Bumiterra • 15 September 2022

CATUR Coffee Company, a coffee exporter from Indonesia, is collaborating with Bumiterra to reduce carbon emissions. This step is a form of support from CATUR Coffee to the government in order to reduce carbon emissions by 29 percent or equivalent to 314 million tons of carbon dioxide gas by 2030.

This collaboration was signed by Mikael Jasin of CATUR Coffee Company and Tara Lee
Susanto as co-founder of Bumiterra on Tuesday at Common Grounds Menteng, Jakarta. Co-founder and CEO of CATUR Coffee Company, Mikael Jasin, said that efforts to reduce carbon emissions is a sustainable and long-term project, which will be achieved by involving all parties from various industries. This program will start in September 2022 with a target of reducing emissions at the end of the year by 40 percent. Furthermore, in 2023 the company set a carbon emission reduction of up to 100 percent.

“This activity was initiated by the increasing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions caused by
the energy and industrial sector. This makes Indonesia the fourth largest carbon emitter in the world. The Indonesian government’s commitment to achieving the carbon emission reduction target certainly requires support from various parties, including industry players,”
said the man who was ranked fourth in the 2019 World Barista Championship.

Bumiterra, an AA1000 V3 license, calculates CATUR Coffee’s emissions generated from their operational activities using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and offsets carbon through the purchase of carbon credits.

“This collaboration is expected to help reduce the impact of climate change in the world,
especially in Indonesia. In addition, CATUR Coffee Company also has a goal to become a carbon neutral company,” continued the man who is familiarly called Miki.

Mikael said that Bumiterra also has the same goal as CATUR Coffee Company in creating a
more sustainable economy. In this collaboration, Bumiterra creates a portfolio of projects for CATUR to support, with the Katingan Mentaya Project (KMP) among them. The two
companies are to increase their focus on reforestation projects in the future. Tree planting is
beneficial because it supports biodiversity and remove harmful pollutants from the air and
acts as a natural filter. Reforestation offsets emissions by storing carbon in their roots and the ground, effectively removing carbon from the air. “We hope to see more companies and businesses taking a step toward a more sustainable lifestyle in the future.”, says Miki.

In addition, CATUR and Bumiterra are expected to work together in the future to create more transparency and visibility between its sustainable efforts within economic livelihood and
social impact, ensuring that allocated funds are used appropriately.

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