Huntstreet x Bumiterra

Sustainable Luxury Fashion Company, Huntstreet is now Carbon Neutral

Farrah Nabilla Irfan • 20 December 2022

Hunt2SaveTheEarth is a Campaign by Bumiterra and Huntstreet, a platform to buy and sell pre-loved luxury fashion items in order to celebrate Zero Emissions Day. Huntstreet is working with Bumiterra to ensure every carbon footprint from your purchases will be accounted for to minimize the impact of climate change. The Campaign aims to promote climate-conscious luxury shopping and is done between 21 September 2022 to 21 October 2022.

Hunstreet is a sustainable luxury fashion brand aiming to give homes to second-hand quality products that go through extensive inspection. Huntstreet makes shopping consciously accessible to everyone with the internet. All the items sold at HuntStreet are well-priced, highly curated, and quality-controlled by a team of experienced specialists. Their collaboration with Bumiterra is a collection of stylish items whose carbon footprint is accounted for and offset through Bumiterra’s services. The collaboration is aimed to create a more environmentally-conscious way of living.

As a sustainable fashion brand, HuntStreet strives to reduce carbon emissions while still meeting luxury demand. The carbon footprint is calculated from each package and added up to a month’s total. Huntstreet is also accounting for the remaining 20% of emissions that are left from purchasing pre-owned goods. Then, Bumiterra sources qualified projects that reduce or remove CO2 from the atmosphere with real impact on the community. Adding up all these emission scopes, this makes all purchases for this campaign carbon neutral and accounted for through HuntStreet’s partnership with Bumiterra. 

This campaign is supported by Raline Shah, an Indonesian actress in the forefront of advocating saving the environment. Among her many forms of noble work are SaveSoilYayasan Tunas Bakti Nusantara, and Rumah Harapan – all projects with a cause to move mankind towards a kinder future. “Conscious luxury personally means the way forward, how I want to live my life.” a statement by Raline. 

“You are what you buy. You’re also choosing what you give power and love to. So conscious luxury just means you can continue your luxurious hedonistic life, but you have to be conscious of where those things come from and how you can impact the world in a better way with your lifestyle.” With this campaign, we hope to see more people being environmentally conscious when shopping for luxury products. The campaign is accessible from the 21st of September to the 21st of October through Huntstreet’s website.

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