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We work with you to calculate your business’ emissions, source, verify, and vet relevant, credible projects, and engage your users.


We calculate your emissions to see how much will be needed to offset.


Our team creates a customized portfolio of the projects you’d like to offset from.


We work with you to curate a visualization of your impact.

We focus on 3 types of carbon projects:


Forestry carbon projects are projects that operate within the world’s forests to sequester carbon from the biosphere. Activities include, but not limited to, reforestation of degraded forests, improved forest management, and conservation of forest land from deforestation.

Renewable Energy

Projects in the renewables space seek to generate power/electricity from clean and renewable sources, in order to avoid further usage of fossil fuels and other non-sustainable sources.

Waste Management

These projects seek to clean the world from waste pollution that is usually a result of the mishandling of waste. There are many types of pollutants such as methane, microplastics, sulphur dioxide, and many more. For example, a waste incineration project seeks to remove the potential methane that could be released from idle waste.

Carbon Offsetting Projects

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