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Who are we?

We're two mission-driven people who understand that we need to be realists in order to save the world. And to be the true, real realists, idealism is the only way.

“Although her impressive experience in the tech sphere in Indonesia as well as her passion for education make her an excellent partner, it is her creativity and intuition that will pave the way for Bumiterra’s vision to come to life. How we make people see that sustainability is the future, and how we get everyone on board on our mission, is to make it relatable, accessible and friendly. Not only does Tara provide that for Bumiterra, her undying spirit and relentless motivation to provide a better world for others, becomes a source of inspiration that is the powerhouse of our humble team.”

- James Joseph

“James’ various experiences in different fields make him a formidable complementary in co-founding this mission together. From his hedge fund experience at FXCM in NYC and Veloton Partners in Singapore as a lead carbon trader, to his time in a local government in Lombok, James brings to the table a unique perspective from both emerging and developed markets. Above all else, we share a vision and understanding that is aligned in every way – there is no one I trust or believe in more than James.”

Tara Lee Susanto -

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We provide simple solutions that feel expansive and inclusive for all. By investing in you, our community, we continue to educate and empower those who are curious and willing. If this resonates with you,  join us in accelerating the green revolution.

Let's save the world together.


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